Gov. Rauner Signed SB836

Gov. Rauner Signed SB836:
Effective Immediately

Governor Rauner signed SB836 into law this past Friday. The now official public act is a list of technical items needed to improve the Firearm Concealed Carry Act. The following is included in SB836:

1. Provides an appeal process for persons denied a FOID card because of mild developmental disabilities. This is an initiative of mental health professionals seeking to remedy an injustice identified in existing law.

2. CCL holders may now use their CCL to purchase and possess firearms and ammunition. It is still necessary to have a valid FOID card but not necessary to carry it if you carry your CCL.

3. Clarifies the “duty to inform”. Handing a concealed carry license to law enforcement fulfills duty to inform requirement.

4. Clarifies that the waiver of privacy in the Firearm Concealed Carry License application shall be limited to information needed to determine licensee’s eligibility.

5. Allows emergency personnel and peace officers to secure a firearm at the scene of an emergency when deemed necessary for safety. Firearm must be returned immediately if licensee is released at the scene.

6. Adds an exemption to the Unlawful Use of Weapons Act to avoid misunderstandings about a Concealed Carry Licensee’s authority to carry a firearm.

7. A licensee in a prohibited carry parking area who wants to store their carry firearm in the trunk of their vehicle, may exit their vehicle without having to unload the firearm before placing it in the trunk. Does not apply to federal parking areas where firearms are prohibited.

8. Allows the sale of long guns to nonresident competitors at the World Shooting Complex, not subject to the 24 hour waiting period. This revenue generating measure is still subject to background checks and other appropriate safeguards.