Your Summer Assignment!

As many of you know the current session of the General Assembly is stretching on throughout the summer with the budget impasse.  However, legislators are getting to spend a great deal of time in their home districts and home offices.  This is the perfect time for your elected officials to get to know you!

First part: We strongly urge you to check your legislators schedules for local appearances and events.  Attend as many as you can, each time mentioning the need to expand the areas where we need to carry, the high cost of the license and 16 hrs. of training, and the fact that our military with permanent duty stations here in IL cannot get a CCL due to the ISPs interpretation of the carry law.

Second part: Governor Rauner is also making appearances at events throughout the state.  Try to attend events in your area,  meet the Gov., thank him for signing SB836, express your concerns listed above.

Summer!  It’s time for vacations and enjoying all the summer activities that keep us busy but it’s not a time to let up on our efforts to expand the right to carry here in Illinois!