NIRPC .22 Silhouette Shoot

NIRPC .22 Silhouette Shoot

Saturday, June 17th 2017
This shoot is open to the public.
$10.00 for members. $20.00 for non-members. (includes $10.00 guest waiver fee)
Sight in starts at 9:30 am and goes until 11:00 am.
Event starts at 11:00 am after setup.
Range Safety Officers will be at the event.
Complimentary food will be available until it’s gone.

Silhouette Shoot Rules

Once you pay your registration fee you will randomly select a team. Once the teams have been formed they will choose their team captain. There will be four teams. One person from each team will shoot at a time.

Bipods, Tripods and Sandbags may be used to support the front of your rifle. No rear support will be allowed.

You may shoot five shots at a group (There are 4 groups 40, 60, 70 & 100). If a silhouette target slides off the board it is counted as a hit also if one of your silhouettes are knocked down for some reason it is considered shot by you. You are not allowed to use the extra round on another target or group. Any extra rounds you have are returned to your ammo storage.

Only 20 rounds are allowed on the bench either loose or in magazines, magazines can only have 5 rounds loaded in it.

You must shoot groups in order – (40, 60, 70 & 100). You do not have to wait for everyone to finish a group/ (Shoot at your own speed)

After you complete shooting your silhouette targets, let the safety officer know you’re finished. He will tell you when you can leave the bench.

If more than one person shoots a perfect “20”, there will be a shoot off at 100 yards at chicken silhouettes. Prize money will be paid for the winner of the shoot off if required or the shooter of the perfect “20”.

Prize money will also be paid out to the First and second place teams.