How to Reset Your Password

NIRPC members: If you have not already signed-into the website, for security purposes you will need to reset your password prior to accessing the “Members-only” section of the website. For instructions on how to reset your password, please follow the steps in this tutorial: Thanks,…

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December’s NIRPC meeting we will have a speaker; Aurelio DeLarosa

December’s NIRPC meeting we will have a speaker; Aurelio DeLarosa He is a Rockford Police investigator, Assistant Team Leader on the SWAT Team, Master Firearms Instructor, Lead Defense Tactics Instructor, President of the Police Union, Police Commissioner for the State of Illinois appointed by Governor…

Federal data used for control campaign miss the mark – big time

Federal data showing annual accidental gun deaths in Tennessee soared to 105 from just 19 propelled a fierce firearms control campaign, but it turned out the stats were about as accurate as a two-dollar pistol. The numbers, from the Centers for Disease Control and…

IL Concealed Carry Interactive Map

Access the latest count of Illinois concealed carry license holders per capita by county. Where does your county currently stand in the number of CCLs? An interactive map is provided by the Chicago Tribune.

Illinois State Rifle Association Needs Your Help

ISRA Friends, As many of you know, we are participating in a contest to win part of a $100,000 settlement. The Brady Center sued Lucky Gunner and lost. Lucky Gunner is willing to share the settlement money with each organization receiving votes on a…

Maine Added to List of States: Where We Can Carry

Maine’s Gov. LePage signed Constitutional Carry into law last week and goes into effect sometime in October.