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Silhouette / Military Style Fun Shoot at the South Range

July 11, 2020 @ 9:00 am - 2:00 pm

Silhouette / Military Style Fun Shoot – Saturday, July 11, 2020 (Weather Permitting)

8208 Lindenwood Road

9:00 am till ?  


We will be “breaking in the South Range  with a double header shoot on July 11, 2020.  Starting at 9 am, we will have a military fun shoot followed by a 150 yard .22 shoot (Yes, 150 yards).  The .22 event will start at 11 am (or immediately after the military fun shoot should it run long).   A complementary lunch will be provided starting at 11:30.


Military Style Fun Shoot

There will be two groups.  Group 1 will consist of vintage military rifles issued prior to 1945 (Mausers, Garand etc.); Group 2 will consist of modern military rifles issued after 1945.  Any variation of the AR-15 / SKS / AK or other military rifle platform is acceptable.  Flash suppressors, cheek pads, recoil pads, bipods, or stock extensions are not permitted.  Slings, shooting gloves, jackets, and mats are permitted.  Sandbags / bench rests are permitted during the sighting in period only.  Optics up to 4.5x is allowed for modern military rifles only.  Personal spotting scopes are permitted.  The event will consist slow prone (10 shots / 10 minutes); fast prone (10 shots / 80 seconds); and slow standing (10 shots / 10 minutes).  A 5 minute sighting in period will commence prior to shooting.  Those with physical limitations can shoot the prone stage in the sitting position.  If you have questions, please feel free to email Steve Swenson at (815) 289-0400 or Steve_Swenson@Comcast.net.


22 Caliber Shoot

Immediately following the military shoot, there will be a .22 caliber shoot.  The exact format of the event has not been finalized, but will be both challenging and a great time for all.  If you have any questions, please see Mike McDonough at (815) 540-0020 or olegray20@gmail.com



The cost is $10 for members / $15 for non-members and/or guests per event.  Shooters may enter multiple rifles, each entry is $10.  Prize money will be awarded based on the number of shooters.



July 11, 2020
9:00 am - 2:00 pm


South Range
8208 Lindenwood Road