2023 Membership Renewals – 12/19/2022

January starts the renewal period for 2023 NIRPC membership.  A few members have asked about why they need to supply the renewal form and not just a check for the dues if they are LIFE members of the NRA.  Well, we don’t necessarily keep every renewal form submitted!  People change their address, eMail address, or phone.  The biggest reason is a current FOID to ensure yours was not revoked AND to receive an annual attestation to follow the club rules, ie. your signature at the bottom of the form.

The December newsletter will provide you with the recorded work hours to date.  IF these work hours do not appear correct, please contact the Chairperson for whatever event(s) you believe you should have work hours for.  Dues for 2022 remain the same as the previous year, $110.00 plus 10 work hours with a $10.00 per work hour penalty imposed for each hour not worked, (unless you are a Sr. Member, over ager 65 with 10 years in the club).

At the December 6th, 2021 Membership meeting, the SOP related to renewals was approved by the members to revise the renewal form which now allows for membership in EITHER the NRA or the ISRA.  This form is included in the newsletter, OR select the link below. 

Renewals may be mailed to the club at NIRPC, P.O. Box 1104, Rockford, IL, 61105; or dropped off at one of the clubs’ Monthly meetings.  Keys to the range should be available at the February, March, and April meetings OR you may include a Stamped Self Addressed Envelope with your renewal.  If you don’t pick up your key by the April meeting, one will be mailed to you in April.  Remember, the key to the gate will be changed out after the April 3rd, 2023 club meeting.

NRA Renewal Information: If your NRA Membership needs to be renewed, you can do so through the following link which will credit the club with the renewal and a small rebate from the NRA at no additional cost to you.

Link: https://membership.nra.org/recruiters/join/XC033553

Download NIRPC Renewal Form

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