USCCA Discount for NIRPC

USCCA discount for NIRPC members:

NIRPC Member : 15% Discount on all Full pay membership Silver, Gold or Platinum. Each member can choice what is best fit for them. You do not all need to be on the same level.
Membership will be extended to Spouses so they have the same protection at a 50% discount on Gold or Platinum plus with your choice of the Gold or Platinum options.
A discount of 15% off for all children of members 18 and older. 
Each person has coverage everywhere they go.
Our membership covers all weapons of opportunities ( taser, pepper spray, hands, feet, fists, crowbar, baseball bat, cast iron skillet etc) that anyone has to use before the use of their gun, USCCA will be there to protect you.
All members will receive a member card, member resource guide, Concealed Carry Magazine, full access to our USCCA website, continuing education and training materials on website, and a personal contact with the USCCA.

Contact Elana S. at 262-806-0090

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