• New Member Orientation
    Northern Illinois Rifle & Pistol Club (NIRPC) will be having a new member orientation on Sunday September 10th 2023 from 08:00 to 1:00.  Dues are prorated for this orientation to cover membership until March 31, 2024 when our annual period ends. Cost with the $50.00 orientation fee will be $155.00 payable by check or credit … Read more
  • 2023 Membership Renewals – 12/19/2022
    January starts the renewal period for 2023 NIRPC membership.  A few members have asked about why they need to supply the renewal form and not just a check for the dues if they are LIFE members of the NRA.  Well, we don’t necessarily keep every renewal form submitted!  People change their address, eMail address, or … Read more
  • Great Harrison Road updates this year.
    Look at the New, Awesome Cement Work done at the Harrison Road Range this week. The cement got sealed as well.
  • Work Begins at Lindenwood Rd. Range
    Over the past couple of weeks a significant volume of dirt has been moved at the old quarry. The first week involved a 5-3/4 yard wheeled end loader moving piles and opening up the entrance road. The second week we had a large dozer leveling things out and began building berms.
  • Join the NRA – Save up to $50
    Gun-Control advocates want to abolish the Second Amendment and round up our guns! Once they confiscate all the guns, they can do what they like. Stand and Fight! Join NRA today! Click the NRA banner to join the NRA… and join the fight! You’ll receive an discount on your membership, get a free monthly magazine, (America’s 1st Freedom, … Read more